Design your own privacy window film

How to design your privacy sticker for Windows?

Create your own one-way vision film for window in 6 steps. The personalized decoration software enables you to create your one-way vision sticker made-to-measure. Here you can create a privacy window vinyl to protect you from outside glances. Thanks to our on-line customization software, create your one-way vision micro-perforated film for windows.

Technical advices

Note that the micro-pierced vinyl used to create those stickers is very easy to cut with a sharp cutter. You can create a one-way vision for car screens as well.
If your window is made in several parts: calculate the total surface of windows and cut the sticker at home to have a single motive distributed between the 2, 3 or 4 windows of your global window. Try the personalized decoration now !


Open the editor and start creating your one-way vision film now :