Dishwasher sticker - Paris

This kitchenware sticker is an adhesive dishwasher decoration representing Paris emblems :

  • Ref : 162001
  • Dimensions : 59 x 70 cm
  • Can be cut to adapt any other size.
17,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


Need a walk to discover Paris ? Just cover your dishwasher with this beautiful kitchenware sticker and you will travel to Paris every day. This kitchen appliances cover has been created to cover dishwasher and immerse you in a urban, romantic and glamorous universe. This dishwasher sticker can be adapted to any other smooth kitchenware such as cupboards.

Also available : "New-York" Dishwasher cover.

Technical advices

This dishwasher cover is suitable for dishwasher with maximum width of 60cm and Height of 87cm (plastic borders included)

This product can be adapted to smaller suface. Use a cutter with care to be precise.

Please read the instructions of use for Home appliances stickers.

Deco Ideas

Decorate your house with travel murals or discover our Kitchen wall murals.

Discover our stickers of Paris such as the adhesive wall paper strip "Paris" or the word stickers "PARIS" 100% French designed.

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