Sticker for big fridge - New-York

This kitchen sticker is an adhesive cover for big fridge representing great symbols of New-York city in the United States of America ! NYC on your fridge !



29,95 €
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This decoration sticker is a fridge decal for big sized fridge. This big fridge adhesive cover will bring your straight to New-York City and the American urban style. Discover the great atmosphere of New-York with this life crazy and magic at the same time. Dive to a new and exciting universe. Picture yourself visiting the Statue of Liberty. This great fridge sticker is design to suit your big size fridge, but it can be displayed on walls too. Complete the wall decoration with the matching adhesive cover for dishwasher "NYC" and a great chalkboard sticker "NYC skyline".

Technical Advices

This big fridge cover has been designed for fridge up to 60 x 185 cm.

You can cut your adhesive cover for fridge to measure with a good cutter to adapt it to a 2-doors fridge.

Read our instructions of use to display your sticker correctly.

Deco Ideas

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