Small fridge stickers - dried beans

This kitchen wall decoration is an adhesive decoration for fridge representing colorful dried beans :

14,95 €
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Create a colorful kitchen with this small fidge decal "Dried beans". This decoration for fidge is an adhesive cover for small fridge with dried beans displayed on a street maket of Morocco. This adhesive cover for home aplliances is also available for dishwasher cover "Dried beans" or for a big fridge cover "Dried beans".

Technical advices

To find out more about how to use our fidge wall decals read our instructions of use for fridge.

Deco Ideas

You can also display those covers on cupboards. This adhesive cover for home appliances is easy to cut to measure with a sharp cutter (mind your fingers!).

Discover our online blog about wall decorations and more : Décore la VIE !

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