Mini stickers - mini sea-shells

The mini stickers are adhesive wall decorations of small size representing small seashells of different shapes with a pearly shade rendering very well executed  :

  • Ref : 152046
  • Dimensions board : 17 x 10,5 cm
  • 2 boards
  • 16 mini stickers "seashells" inside.
3,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


These mini stickers are sea-shells wall decals representing different kind shells. These wall decals are perfect to create a marine style. The mini stickers are small decals that will be perfect to decorate objects, smartphones, PC, furnitures, mirrors, boxes etc. The mini sea-shells will decorate in not time and theire great quality definition will create an outstanding decoration. The mini wall decals shells will liven up any object in seconds. How about displaying them around a mirror or along a washbasin or stairs ? The pearly shade of the shells gives them a precious and exotic aspect. These stickers also exist in small size seashells stickers.

Technical Advices

Read our instructions for use to find out more about how to display our mini wall stickers.

Deco Ideas

Discover our seaside stickers to create a great wall decoration and bring a marine style to your place.

Use the mini stickers to create a wall border either at the bottom of your wall or in the middle. Display the adhesives along your wall to create a lovely wall deco.

Display mini stickers on books, luggages or furniture to give it a new and different style !

Decorate a present wrapped in craft paper with an adhesive on it to make it look personnalized and chic.

Mini stickers can be put anywhere to personnalize something : mirors, bottles, glasses etc. use mini stickers to make a greate and simple bithday present or customize your events.

Have fun decorating with mini stickers.

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