Riser Decals - 3 blue Scandinavian Adhesive riser

These Decorative stickers are stair riser decals with a Scandinavian design in blue :

Stair risers' size:
14,95 €
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These decorative decals are stairs stickers representing triangles in pastel tones. These risers decals are great to decorate stairs and stair risers in a new way. Bring a new life to yur stairs with this Scandinavian design in blue tones. These colors are exactely the kind of colors your will find in a Scandinavian decoration. Make the différence and show off your new stairs with these lovely stair riser decals Scandinavian. You will love the colors and the geometric effect og the triangles.

Technical Advice

These peel & stick riser decals are to be applied on dry, smooth and clean surfaces. Read our Instructions for use before starting to apply the decals.

Decoration ideas

These 3 risers decals are perfect to decorate a 3 steps stair. You can also decide to decorate the stairs every other risers, the set of 3 riser decals will be then perfect for 6 steps.

You can always mix and match the designs with the tiling decals "Scandinavian" to create and even more stylish staircase ! Discover decoration ideas about staircase on our blog : Décore la vie !

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