Riser Decals - 3 Stone finish Peel & Stick riser

These Decorative stickers are stair risers decals with a fake stone finish :

Stair risers' size:
14,95 €
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These decorative decals are stairs stickers representing stones in trompe-l'oeil style are perfect to bring a mineral finish to your stairs. Renew your stairs in no tile with those adhesive riser stickers with stones in trompe-l'oeil. You will appreciate the effect of relief brought by the trompe-l'oeil effect. The stone will bring a natural touch to your decoration and make your stairs look new again.

Technical Advice

These peel & stick riser decals are to be applied on dry, smooth and clean surfaces. Read our Instructions for use before starting to apply the decals.

Decoration ideas

These 3 risers decals are perfect to decorate a 3 steps stair. You can also decide to decorate the stairs every other risers, the set of 3 riser decals will be then perfect for 6 steps.

You can always mix and match the designs to create and even more stylish staircase ! Discover the tile wall decals "Stones" and decorate the staircase. Find more decoration ideas about staircase on our blog : Décore la vie !

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