Pixel wall decals - 40 Yellow Pixel stickers

Those art and craft stickers are practical wall decals of 40 pixels wall decals in a cameo of yellow to design and create great wall pixel art :

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These practical wall decals are art and craft stickers representing a set of 40 yellow pixel stickers to create a luminous and bright decoration in your house. You can display those stickers on doors, furniture, walls... You can use those stickers to create pictures or patterns or write a message. You can also mix and match the colors. The yellow pixel stickers will match grey, red, green, pink and blue !

Technical Advice

To prepare the layout of the pixels, you can make an example and a checkered sheet of paper. This will guide you whilst applying the pixels.

These wall decals are easy to instal. For more information on how to use our sticker pixel have a look at our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

To design the sun we used about 40 sticker pixels (1 pack) Pixel art is good for you imagination. To write "PIXEL" 40 pixel stickers were needed. Here is a tip : Draw your project on a checkered sheet of paper to decide how to display the stickers on walls.

Discover the colouring sticker sheets to be used with pencils, feltips etc.

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