Sticker for window - Clouds - One-way vision film

This practical sticker is a stickers for windows in one-way vision vinyl :

  • Réf : 165602
  • Dimensions : 125 x 75 cm
  • 1 one-way vision film for windows in the Pack.
39,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


This privacy window film is a microperforated vinyl that can be put on window to protect your privacy from the outside. Display this lovely one-way vision film in trompe-l'oeil and deceive the eyes of people walking by as if the sky was reflecting in you windows. This contra vision micro perforated vinyl is amazing to protect your privacy and still leave the sun go through.

One way vision film can be put on windows and car screens. Discover more practical wall decals.

Technical advices

One-way vision film for windows are vinyl for windows that can be cut to measure to adapt any windows. Use a sharp cutter with precaution.

You will find all the instructions for use in our technical advices page.

Tricks : use a water spay to help you display the sticker on the window and with a hair-dryer and chase away air bubbles with a squeegee.

Idées Déco

Discover our blog and more explanation about one-way vision stickers :  How to hide from your neighbour's sight ?

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