Adhesive decoration panel - River pebbles

This zen wall decal is a wall mural representing river stones détails :

  • Ref : 147119
  • Dimensions : 60 x 260 cm
  • 1 adhesive wallpaper strip
  • Can be removed easily without damaging the walls.
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This giant wall decal is a zen sticker representing details of river stones rolled up by the Stream. Let's be rocked by tranquility and beauty of this Stream carrying pebbles along the way. This great wallpaper strip is a patchwork of diferent angles of the river Tarn in the South of France. This work will bring calm and serinity in your room. The beauty and the simplicity of natures makes its job once again...

Technical Advice

This adhesive decoration panel is a unique wallpaper strip that will be displayed on wall like pré-pasted wallpaper strip. This will create a great decoration without covering the whole wall.

The adhesive wallpaper strip is too long ? Cut it easily with a sharp cutter to the right length.

Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for a new experience for your room ? What about opening a window without breaking walls ? Discover the instant fake window sticker "Pond" and have fun offering your room a brand new style.

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