Flower sticker - Blue Iris - Giant wall decoration

This flowers wall decal is a wall sticker representing a giant blue Iris flower:

  • Ref : 160392
  • Dimensions : 59.5 x 134.8 cm
  • 3 elements inside.
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This giant wall decal is a flower sticker representing a blue Iris. This decal is perfect to decorate any room of the house bringing a soft and magnificient atmopshere to it. Discover a wide range a Flower decals to create a lovely garden Inside the house. This giant flower will be perfect for anyone as you don't have to water it ! Iris are usually to grow outside but this one is made especially for inside !

Technical Advice

These giant stickers are very easy to put on. Peel off the vinyl and display them on the walls or any other flat surface. For more informations about how to use our wall stickers, read our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

Iris are flowers growing on marsh and damp soil. you can combine them with a giant trompe-l'oeil representing a marsh and a lovely wood hut... Lovely Narmandy style.

For more Deco Ideas discover our online blog : Décore la vie !

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