Nautical sticker - Lighthouse - Navy wall decoration

This seaside sticker is a wall decal representing a bue and white lighthouse to decorate shower screen :

  • Ref : 160214
  • Dimensions : 63.7 x 140.5 cm
  • 3 elements inside
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This seaside sticker is a navy wall sticker to be display on shower screen or anu other smooth and clean surface. This nautical home decor represents a big blue and white lighthouse standing on rocks. This wall decal invites your to sail in the sea to discover other horizons or just enjoy the peace. You can decorate your bathroom but also other room of the house with this sticker. A kid bedroom with a navy style decor would be a great place to display this sticker.

Technical Advice

This sticker has been designed to be applied on shower screen but you can very well apply it anywhere else. As soon as the surface is clean and smooth, this sticker can decorate any room of the house.

Assemble the 3 elements together to form the lighthouse sticker standing on rocks.

For more information on our stickers consult our instructions for use.

Decoration ideas

If you want to decorate a bathroom, use this sticker on the shower screen or on any other big surface and complete the whole nautical decor with the navy tile stickers to create a beautiful seaside atmopshere.

Find more deco ideas in our blog : Décore la vie !

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