Chalkboard stickers - Snails - Blackboard stickers

This erasable slates are practical wall decals for children representing snails with different sizes with a green blackboard. Use chalk and wipe clean with a damp cloth :

  • Ref : 151101
  • Dimensions of the board : 21 x 29,7 cm
  • 2 boards
  • 6 stickers inside.
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These chalkboards wall decals are practical stickers representing snails of different sizes. Those snails are racing on walls, furnitures or doors in a bedroom or a playroom. This is a great decorating element for children to have fun. Wipe this clean with a damp cloth and rewrite again. Chrildren can play, draw, work with the erasable chalkboard stickers, their shape makes it funnier ! This can also be us as a note pad in a kitchen or on a fridge ! Discover more blackboard stickers or have a look at the other playfull wall decals for kids.

Technical Advices

Use chalks or chalkpens to write on this blackboard slate stickers, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Read ou instructions of use to find out more.

Deco Ideas

Discover the cats blackboard stickers to create an amazing decoration on the walls or complete the decoration with butterflies chalkboard wall decals.

Discover our deco ideas in our Blog "Décore la vie" and read our lovely post about Paris "Paris will always be Paris".

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