Decals for Teenager - Streetlights in Pop colors

This set of wall decals for children are teenagers' wall decals representing streetlight silhouettes :

  • Ref : 157048
  • Dimensions each element: 4 x 20 cm
  • Dimensions board : 21 x 29.7
  • 2 boards = 16 Stickers inside
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7,95 €
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These wall decals for kids are teenager wall decoration representing 16 small streetlight silhouettes with lovely pop colors. These beautiful wall decals are cute and trendy. They can be displayed with no order or like a border on walls, furniture, doors etc. This set will bring lovely patches of colors and a soft urban style to a room. You can always complete the decoration with a giant grey streetligh silhouette to create a unique and elegant decoration.

Technical Advice

Find out more about how to stick our sticker by reading the instructions for use for wall stickers.

Decoration Ideas

Discover the giant steetlight decal and create a cute and urban style in a bedroom or any other room !

Discover our blog and scpecially our post on how to decorate a child's bedroom !

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