Big wall sticker - Paper boat origami style

These children wall decals are sticker for kids representing 9 paper boats folded with kraft paper :

  • Ref : 160849
  • Dimensions of the board : 46 x 100 cm
  • 1 board = 9 paper boat decals
  • Dimensions biggest : 46.6 x 41.5 cm
  • Dimensions smallest : 9.2 x 11 cm
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9,95 €
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These children wall decals are stickers for children 3-8yrs representing boat planes. Discover a great way of decorating your child's bedroom with those wall decorations for children. These wall decals are trompe-l'oeil of folding paper work. These pliages are beautyful and the krafty color will match any bedroom color. You can also complete the decoration by using the set of decals paper planes and create a lovely decoration in a bedroom or a playroom.

Technical Adivce

These wall decals are peel and stick stickers easy to use. For more information read our instructions of use.

Decoration Ideas

Find more decoration ideas in our blog : Décore la vie !

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