Decoration Set - Mice to the moutain - Children wall decals

These wall stickers for kids are wall decals for children representing mice living in the moutains :

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This set of children stickers are wall decals for toddlers and infants representing a mice family living in the mountains. This set of wall decals is perfect to creat to lovely and soft decoration in your child's bedroom. The setting is full of details for your child to enjoy and create great adventure games. The board of wall decals is perfect to animate the wall decoration around the door sticker. The free self-adhesive border will bring movement and create a path in your child bedroom. Dare to be different and escape from the classical commercial caracters. The mice family looks firendly, fun and ready to live adventures with your little one!

Technical Advice

The door sticker can be adapted for doors of 73 cm width. You need to be 2 to display the door sticker.

The board of wall decals contains 16 decals "mice" to peel and stick.

The self-adhesive border is removable without damaging the walls.

For more information about our sticker read the instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

You think one self-adhesive border isn't enough ? You can always buy spare ones here : Self adhesive border "Mice".

For more deco ideas read our blog and discover how to decorate a child's bedroom.

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