Decoration set - Savanna - Children wall decals

These wall stickers for kids are wall decals for children representing the savanna and the animals :

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This decoration set contains stickers for children :


One set of stickers savanna 24x68 cm + One adhesive border "savanna" 120x15 cm


Take your child to the heart of the savanna with these lovely wall decals for children. Your child will love learning animals name and make up stories of fun adventures in the jungle. Dive in the savanna and meet beautifull aimals hidden by a big boabab tree or bushes. The wavy border will bring movement and fun on the wall. This decoration set is perfect to imagine with fun. Discover the adhesive border to be colored "savanna" and enjoy a great family time to decorate.

Technical Advices

For more information about our sticker read the instructions for use.

Deco Ideas

For more deco ideas read our blog and discover how to decorate a child's bedroom.

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