Stickers for children - Dolls to dress up

These wall stickers for kids are wall decals for children representing kids silhouettes to dress to make sport or have fun (football, baseball, picnic, swimming...)

  • Ref : 152760
  • Dimensions of the board : 48 x 68 cm
  • 28 stickers inside
  • Also available : matching adhesive border "dolls"
14,95 €
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These stickers for kids are wall decals for children "dolls" representing children to dress up and have fun with the kids. Playful and decorative this set of stickers is great for young children aged 3 to 5yrs. Children will learn the vocabulary of clothes, activities and colors. They will also understand how to match a uniform with an sport activity : swimming suit to go swimming, cap and baseball abt to play cricket, shorts and a football to play football etc. This sticker will please young children. Discover the decoration set "dollies" and mix and match the stickers with different sizes.

Technical Advices

Find out more about how to stick our stickers on by reading the instructions for use for wall stickers.

Deco Ideas

Discover our range of playful stickers to create a great decoration in a room..

For more deco ideas read our blog post about "Child's bedroom ideas : baby stage."

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