Find below all the instructions for using our products. Those instructions will guide you throughout the installation of your wall decal. All you have to do is click on the instruction you need to access the advices.


Instructions for use - Dishwasher decals


Instructions for use - Bedhead stickers





Instructions for use - Colouring stickers

Instructions for use - Door decals


Intructions for use - Fridge decals


Instructions for use - Deco panels


Instructions for use - Shower decals


Instruction for use - Trompe-l'oeil style windows stickers

Instructions for use - Wall decals

Instructions for use - Micro-perforated stickers for windows

Instructions for use - toilet lids decals


Instructions for use - Luminous wall decals

Instructions for use - Tiles stickers



Instructions for use - Blackboard and Whiteboard stickers

Instructions for use - Textile stickers




Tips and Tricks


How to install your wall decals or wall murals properly ?


The installation of a sticker is very simple, please follow the instructions given onto the instructions for use of the product.

For large formats, we advise you to ask for the help of a 2nd person.

Use a tool to help you stick the decals while peeling off the protective liner : you can use a spatula, a scraper for window, a card like credit card or stiff support, covered with a soft cloth not to damage the product.

Chase away air bubble from the inside towards the outside. If you can still find air bubbles, you can  and pierce them using a thin pin. Once the air chased away, your decal will be applied perfectly to the wall.


How to improve your stickers hold ?


We bring the biggest care of working with quality materials which will give you satisfaction. Here are, however, some tricks which can improve the holding of your sticker in cases presenting some constraints of holding (Slight relief surface, painted surface with a certain type of paint, slight temperature differences, etc.).

  • Soften the glue with a hairdryer

Warm up the back of the sticker with a hairdryer by bringing it to a soft temperature (15 to 20 seconds). This will soften the glue and facilite the adhesion to the wall. Then, apply properly the sticker to the wall with a soft cloth. To onbtain the best result, maintain the pressur on the stickers for 24h by using cardboard holds allong to the wall.

  • Strengthen the adhesion power of you sticker with some glue spay

If the trick above does not bring you satisfaction, strengthen the holding power of the sticker with some glue spray.

Bare in mind that certain cases are totally disadvised (see F.A.Qs and Instructions for use) : dusty surface, greasy surface, fibrous surface (raw wood or certain cover in fiberglasses) or big temperature differences (sticker stuck close to a source of heat or a bad insulated wall). These cases will damage the sticky power of the sticker and therefore it holding to the wall.


Unstick wall decals or wall murals


To facilitate the unsticking of your decals or murals, you can warm it up with a haidryer (glued face) as you unstick it gently from the wall. This will soften the glue and ease the unsticking from the wall. You have to be gentle AND patient, this can take time.