Introduction is an on-line saleshop of wall decoration products aimed at private individuals, edited by the Company PLAGE SA.(hereinafter appointed as " The Company "). The offers are proposed only to the private individuals beforehand registered (hereinafter named as "Customers") - on this wedsite (hereinafter named as « Website »). The registration requires on behalf of the Customer to supply certain compulsory specific data name, as well as a valid e-mail address, which can be verified. The Customer can unsubscribe when he wishes it by formulating his request by e-mail or recommended letter with acknowledgement of receipt with Customer services and by proving his identity. The Customer once unsubscribes loses his/her/its status and cannot place any more order.

The present general terms of sale detail the rights and duties of the Company and his Customers, within the framework of the remote sale of products proposed on the website of the Company. They thus imply the agreement without reserve of the Customers in the present General terms of sale. They are notified to the Customer before every order and have to be read in their entirety and accept without reserve to be able to place the order. Thus the validation of the order involves the complete acceptance by the Customer of the present general terms of sale.

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time and without advance notice the present General terms of sale. However, General terms of sale applicable to the sale will be the ones current at the time of the order of the Customer.


ARTICLE 1 - Methods for the ordering process

Before being able to place an order, a visitor has to open an Account by completing the form proposed on the website and by informing personal data allowing to identify him as Customer.

A command takes place in three (3) stages:

  • The Customer visualizes the detail of the order (Basket) and his total price, as well as the expenses of delivery at his/her expense.
  • If once discovers possible errors, once takes care of correcting them.
  • Once finally passes the stage of confirmation of the order, during which once has to recognize once has a perfect knowledge of General Terms of Sale, to accept them without reserve and to give up taking advantage of once own purchasing terms or the other conditions.

Once these three (3) stages and the confirmation of the payment were validated, the sale contract is considered concluded.

The payment establishes an irrevocable acceptance of the order which can be questioned only in the limits planned in the present General Terms of sale.

The Customer from his/her part ensures being 18 past years old in the day of the order, declares to be in full ownership of his/her ways and to be authorized to use the means of payment which he/she uses to settle the command.

The order of the Customer will definitively be accepted by the Company only when the payment of the Customer for its order will have been validated by the server of the banking payment of the Company and his/her Partners if necessary, or after collection of the cheque in case of use of this means of payment.

After acceptance of an order, the Site will send a message of confirmation to the e-mail address supplied by the Customer during its registration.

The website reserves the right to cancel or to refuse any command of a Customer with whom would exist a current or past dispute.

The profit of the order is personal to the Customer and cannot be sold without the agreement of the Company.


ARTICLE 2 - Prices

The sale prices shown on the website are indicated in Euros, all taxes included.

The sale price does not include postal charges chargeable to the Customer, in supplement of the price of the product shown on the site.

Any order will be charged including taxes. However, the orders for FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES are charged excluding tax. For the orders outside of the European Union and in FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES customs charges, rights and taxes can be demanded by the customs services or the carriers. These expenses will be payed by the Customer.

The Company takes the right to modify its prices at any time. However, the Compagny makes a commitment to charge the goods ordered with the prices indicated during the recording of the order.


ARTICLE 3 - Payment

The payment must be immediately made with order. It is made by Credit card, cheque (France only) or via the systems of secure payment Paypal and Payline. The accepted Credit cards are the following ones : CB / VISA / MASTERCARD (Approved CB cards for these two last ones).

The Company reserves the right to cancel any order of a Customer in case of non-payment or of incident of payment during the order or during a previous order.

The absence of payment or the cancellation of the payment a posteriori by the Customer can pull the claiming of the goods if these were already delivered. In such a case, the expenses of return are chargeable to the Customer.


ARTICLE 4 - Availability

Products and services can be ordered as long as they are shown on the website and while stocks last.

After payment of the order, if all or part of the ordered products turned out unavailable, the Customer would be warned of it by e-mail. The Customer would see itself then proposed if possible a partial delivery or an immediate refund of the sum paid with order according to the terms of refund specified in the article 8 of the present. In case of an absence of answer of the Customer in four ( 4 ) days following the sending in the opinion of unavailability, the sum paid with order will automatically be refunded in the conditions defined in the article 8 of the present.


ARTICLE 5 - Delivery

1.      Geographic area

For logistic reasons, the Company may limit its zones of deliveries to certain geographical areas. In case of reception of an order which the Company is not able to deliver, the Customer will be informed about it within 24 hours as from the reception of the order by the Company. The Customer will have then the possibility of either of indicating another delivery address than the one initially chosen, or of obtaining the refund of his/her order.


2.      Address

The delivery of the orders is made in pick up point or at the address indicated by the Customer (pick up or home Delivery). If the delivery address indicated by the Customer is inaccessible (access blocked by intercom or digital code), untraceable or erroneous, the Company could not be held responsible and will refuse to take at his/her expense(under his/her responsibility) the expenses of possible forwarding.

Having been informed about the impossibility to make the delivery by the compagny in charge of the delivery, the Company will get in touch with the Customer within six (6) days to propose a new delivery or a refund of the product.


3.      Preparation and Delivery expenses

Except use of a voucher for delivery or an offer of free access on behalf of the Company, the expenses of preparation of the order and delivery are chargeable to the Customer and are indicated before the finalization of its order, inclusive of all taxes. When the deliveries are not made rin pick up points, they are made in front of the door of the delivery address given by the Customer during the order, either by the postal services, or by the private carrier.


4.      Incidents

In case of absence at the delivery address, postal services or private carrier will leave a calling card in deposit containing address and phone number for the contact, as well as the deadline of availability of the parcel. The Customer will have to contact the provider of transport or postal services to agree with modalities of the recovery of the parcel (availability in post office, pick up delivery, possibility of a new passage or a Delivery to another address).

Without complaint of products awaiting recovery, they will be forwarded to the Company by the provider of transport. The Company will contact the Customer in six ( 6 ) days after their return to agree on a new delivery, expenses of which will be by default chargeable to the Customer, except commercial gesture of free delivery on behalf of the Company.

The Customer is informed that the Company can send the products of its command in several parcels. For every sent parcel, the Customer will receive an electronic message to inform him of the delivery to come.


5.      Legal deadline of Delivery

The delivery date indicated during the order is the delivery date at the latest. The average deadline to make a delivery is from 1 to 4 days for the preparation of the parcel, to which it is necessary to add the delivery deadline of the provider of transport and which can depend on the choice of the delivery mode by the Customer during the order.

The legal deadline to make the delivery of the entire ordered products is of thirty ( 30 ) days. In the case of a delay noticed by more than seven ( 7 ) days with regard to the deadline of legal delivery, not due to a case of absolute necessity, the Customer can cancel the sale contract by letter sent by registered certified mail at the address of Customer services appearing in the article 8 of the present, or by e-mail in « This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. »

The Customer will be paid off all the sums paid with order in six (6) days following the notification of his request of cancellation, and according to the modalities described in the article 8 of the present.

If the delivery had to be made after the effective cancellation of the order, the Customer would have to refuse and to send back the delivered products, the sale contract having been cancelled.


6.      Lost Delivery

In case the parcel would be lost having been leaved to the transport provider, the Customer service of the Company will ask for an investigation with the transport provider. The Company will inform the Customer of outcomes of the investigation in ten ( 10 ) days following the request. According to the result of this investigation, the parcel will be delivered if it is found or if it is lost, the Customer will be paid off according to the modalities of refund described in the article 8 of the present.

In case an order would not have been delivered, the Customer has a deadline of six ( 6 ) months as from his purchase to demand his products. The Company will accept no complaint on behalf of the Customer once this sold deadline.


7.      Receipt of the goods

The Customer has to verify the contents of his/her parcel in the reception of the delivery. Before signing the delivery slip, he has to verify the following elements:

  • parcels are in good condition and were not damaged during the transport;
  • parcels do not seem to have been opened or closed briefly;
  • if there is a seal of lock or guarantee of the integrity of the parcel, this seal was not broken;

In every case, the Customer has to open every parcel and verify the presence and the accuracy of the entire products of his command before signing the delivery slip. In case of error in the contents of the command, the Customer has to refuse the delivery by indicating with the carrier the motive for the refusal, then to get in touch with the Customer service of the Company.

All the reserves of the Customer about any anomaly met in the delivery must be necessarily registered on the delivery note. The Customer will have to notify his reserves in writing with the carrier by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt in two (2) days following the reception of the command. A copy must be sent for the same deadline by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt in Customer services of the Company the address of which appears in the article 8 of the present. No complaint of the Customer will be accepted outside these deadlines.

The delivery is effective at the signature of the delivery slip.


ARTICLE 6 - Right of withdrawal

1.      General

Within the framework of the remote sale on-line, the Customer has a deadline of fourteen ( 14 ) days to exercise his right to withdraw (article L.121-21 of the Code of the consumption) upon receipt of the goods (reception of the last product in the case of a delivery split in several sendings).

The Customer does not have to justify or to supply with motive, nor to support the costs resulting from this cancellation of the sale contract, except the expenses of return which are exclusively at his/her expense(under his/her responsibility).

The Customer necessarily has to notify his decision to retract within fourteen ( 14 ) days by a clear written statement, with his/her name as well as the references of the order and to send it to the Company by one of the following options:

  • by mail mail with a registered mail with Acknowledgement of receipt at the following address: Plage SA-Wallsweethome - Service Clients - 45 route départementale 943 - Hameau Saint-Martin, 62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys –France.
  • by e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the Company will send then an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail in return, to the e-mail address registered by the Customer during his/her first registration.

The Customer can, if he wishes to use his/her right to withdraw, copy out and se the following form, which he can send by e-mail or physical letter to the addresses previously indicated.

« I/We(*) notify by this letter my/our(*) withdrawal from the contract for the order of the goods/for the service(*) below:

Ordered on the (*)/received on the (*) :

Name of the client(s) :

Address of the client(s) :

Signature of the client(s) (only for physical letter) :

Date : »

Or by uploading it here

No return will be accepted (parcel refused) if the procedure of return of products, described in the article 8 of the present, was not correctly followed and no compensation can be asked by the Customer for the expenses of dismissal or of return committed.


2.      Exceptions in the right to withdraw

According to measures appearing to articles L.121-21 to L.121-21-8 of the Code of the Consumption, the Customers are informed that certain products proposed on the Site cannot benefit from the right to withdraw, in consideration of their strongly personalized character (in terms of sizes, colors, motives, photos or materials) or the fact that they are made in the express request of the Customers.

It is in particular about products declined in several sizes in the catalog as well as all the products realized with the tool Smart Editor.


3.      Return of products further to retraction

Within the framework of a retraction on behalf of the Customer, all the products of the order must have returned to their original packing with all their accessories, with an appropriate wrapping for the transport (cardboard box, parcel) correctly closed by protecting products against the shocks due to the transport (for example paper of wedging used during the initial delivery), in state appropriate to be again marketed.

Products returned to the following states cannot be taken back or be the object of a refund :

  • incomplete products ;
  • damaged products ;
  • unclean products ;
  • products not having been the object of a procedure of retraction such as described in the article 6.1 of the present;
  • products not allowing to identify the sender;
  • produced exclude from the right to withdraw and enumerated in the article 6.2 of the present;


The expenses of returns are exclusively chargeable to the Customer, and the risks of transport which were transferred to the Customer during the delivery remain in him/her acquired until reception and acceptance of products returned according to the modalities defined above. The Customer is incited to insure products sent back with the carrier chosen as a value corresponding to the price of said produced.

The Company disclaims all liability in the loss of the goods by the Customer during the procedure of return and will proceed to no compensation if this situation had to arise.

The exercise of its right to withdraw gives rise to the refund to the Customer of the sums paid during the command, at the latest fourteen (14) days from the date in which the Company was informed about the will of retraction of the Customer.

The Company can postpone the term of redemption until complete recovery of products or reception of an indisputable proof of their shipping.

Any refund will always be made in the conditions described in the article 8 of the present.


ARTICLE 7 - Guarantees

1.      Legal guarantee of the latent defects

The guarantee of the latent defects is planned to articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil code.

The article 1641 of the Civil code arranges(has): " the seller is kept of the guarantee at the rate of the defects hidden from the sold thing which make her(it) unfit for the use for which we intend her(it), or which decrease so much this use(custom), that the buyer would not have acquired her(it), or would not have given only a lesser price, if he had known them ".

The article 1648 of the Civil code arranges: "the action resulting from crippling vices must be instituted by the buyer within two years as from the discovery of the vice".

This guarantee is free for the customer and compulsory on behalf of the Company. She/he starts for the Customer in the reception of the ordered product.

To benefit from the legal guarantee of the latent defects, one or several defects noticed on the product have to gather all the following conditions:

  • they are have to be visible during the purchase.
  • they must be previous to the purchase and not result from the wear bound(connected) to a normal use of the product.
  • they have to return the good unfit for the initial use or to decrease very strongly its use, the minor defects are not thus concerned.

The burden of proof of the latent defect falls to the Customer. The Company can require any document proving the latent defect (expertise chargeable to the Customer, the estimate of repair noticing the default) before accepting the exercise of the guarantee.

The invoice of the product will be required by the Company in case of complaint of the buyer bound(connected) to the guarantee of the latent defects. For lack of supplying the invoice, the Company will refuse any complaint bound(connected) to the legal guarantee of the latent defects.

The legal guarantee of the latent defects must be exercised by registered letter with recorded delivery sent to the Company at the mailing address reminded to the article 8 of the present. The Customer service will contact the Customer for the approach of return, the Customer should not send back directly the product for which he asks for the exercise of the guarantee.

If all the conditions are gathered for the exercise of the legal guarantee of the latent defects, the Company will propose then to the Customer the choice between the following solutions:

  • restore the product and ask for the refund of the price paid as well as the expenses caused by the sale in the conditions of refund reminded to the article 8 of the present;
  • keep the product and ask for a reduction of the price. The difference between the purchase price and the price of the reduced product will then be paid off to the Customer;


2.      Legal guarantee of conformity

The legal guarantee of conformity is planned to articles L.211-5 and following ones of the Code of the Consumption.

The article L.211-5 of the Code of the Consumption arranges: "to be in compliance with the contract, the good owes:

1-to be appropriate to the use usually expected from the similar good and, if necessary : correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities which this one presented to the buyer in the form of sample or of model; present the qualities for which a buyer can legally wait in consideration of the public statements made by the seller, by the producer or by his representative, in particular in the advertising or the labeling.

2-either to present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parts(parties) or to be appropriate(peculiar) to any special use(custom) looked for by the buyer, notified to the seller and that the latter accepted ".

The article L.211-12 of the Code of the Consumption arranges: "the action resulting from the defect of conformity lapses by two years as from the delivery of the good"

The Company brings all its care to the accuracy of the data of the index forms of products on sale on the Web site.

The Customer from his/her part will verify carefully his command and will correct the possible errors, in particular of variations of product (for example the color of the model), one or several photos attached to the index card of every product which can be of a color or a variation different from the one that the Customer wishes. The Customer guarantees that he read well the index card of any product which he commands and verifies the detail of his command before validating her.

If the product which the Customer received does not correspond to its order, he then has to exercise the legal guarantee of conformity. For that purpose, the product has to present at least one of the following defects:

  • he is unfit for the use usually expected from a similar product;
  • he does not correspond to the description given by the seller;
  • he does not possess the qualities announced by the seller;

If in the reception of the delivery of his order the Customer notices that the received products are not those expected, or that the parcel is damaged or were opened, then it has to exercise the legal guarantee of conformity, refuse the delivery, and inform the Company about It by registered letter with recorded delivery or by e-mail sent to the Company at the address of Customer services recalled reservist in the article 8 of the present.

If all the conditions are gathered for the exercise of the guarantee of conformity, the Company will propose then to the Customer the choice between the following solutions:

  • the replacement of the product while stocks last or its repair. If the difference of cost is important between both, the seller will impose the least expensive.
  • the complete refund on the way back the product or a reduction of the price causing partial refund if the Customer wishes to keep the product. The refund will be made in the conditions reminded to the article 8 of the present.

In case the repair or the replacement of the product would be impossible because of depleted stocks, the Company will proceed to the refund of the Customer.

The expenses of return of the product are chargeable to the Customer, but can be paid off to him by the Company on simple written request from him/her sent by post by taking care of specifying its identity, its address, its number of command, and of joining a documentary evidence of its forwarding charges to the economy rate with an insurance signed with the carrier covering at least the purchase price of the turned product. The documentary evidence has to indicate the weight of the sending, which can be verified by the Company. In case of obvious difference between the declared weight and the real weight of the moderate parcel, he(it) will not be proceeded to the refund. If the request of the Customer satisfies the conditions above enumerated, the reimbursement of expenses of return will be made in thirty ( 30 ) days.

In case of replacement of product and availability of the substitute, the expenses of delivery of the new product are chargeable to the Company, which can choose the price of the most economic sending independently of the price of delivery chosen by the Customer as the initial delivery of the product.


ARTICLE 8 – Returns and modalities of refund

1.      Prior approval

In case of exercise of the right to withdraw, of any of the legal guarantees of the product, the refusal of parcel in the delivery (open or damaged parcel), the Customer can wish to return one or several products. No return (except parcel refused and sent back to the delivery) will be accepted by the Company without having been the object beforehand of a written request of return by e-mail or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt on behalf of the Customer and passed on in Customer services of the Company.

This request will contain the motive for the request, the identity of the Customer (name, first name, mailing or electronic address), the reference of the invoice in the name of the Customer.

Once his/her request of return validated by the Company, the Customer will take care of gathering all the products which he/she wishes to turn as well as all the supplied accessories (among which possible textbooks), and to pack them in a packaging appropriate to the transport (cardboard, parcel) correctly closed by protecting products against the shocks bound to the transport (for example paper of wedging used during the initial delivery). Within the framework of a withdrawal or exercise of the guarantee of non-compliance, the product and packagings have to be returned in good state in order to be retailed again by the Company.

In every case, products sent by the Customer travel at his/her own risk and the Company could not be held responsible in case of loss or of caused damages. The Customer is invited to insure the parcel returned for a value at least equal to the price of products on the invoice, excluding charges delivery. No complaint will be accepted in case of loss of product sent by the Customer to the Company.


2.      Customer service's Address

Returns are to be sent only at the address of Customer services of the Company following :

Plage SA-Wallsweethome RETOUR

Service Clients

45 route départementale 943 - Hameau Saint-Martin,

62120 Aire-sur-la-Lys



The Customer service can be joined by mail sent to this address or by e-mail sent to the following address: « This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ».


3.      Refund Policy

A refund will always be made according to the same means of payment used by the Customer (Credit card, purchase vouchers) during the payment)of the order giving right to refund. Their will be no monetary refund of purchase voucher or other service offered by the website on the order (for example free delivery).


ARTICLE 9 - Personal data

1.      The Company policy

In France, the personal data are protected by the following texts: law n° 78-87 January 6th, 1978, law n° 2004-801 August 6th, 2004, article L. 226-13 Penal code European directive in October 24th, 1995.


During his registration and for any order, the Customer communicates to the Company the personal data concerning him/her. The Customer communicates his information with full knowledge of the facts and makes sure of the exact character of the data which he/she supplies. The Website always indicates if the wanted data are optional or compulsory (presence of a star (*) next to the compulsory fields, the error message in case of not informed compulsory field).

The Company collects the named specific personal information relative to the Customers of the Website only to assure the normal functioning of the Website and the services proposed on the website. The Company can be brought to communicate named specific information of the Customer to thirds only within the framework of the execution of services proposed on the website or the execution and the treatment of the orders and the deliveries.

The Company places the trust of his Customers over the commercial practices of exploitation of the personal data which can exist on the Internet. The named specific information of the Customers will be never given sold or exchanged to thirds except needs for service and treatment of the sendings enumerated above. The same non-disclosure commitment will be required by the Company in the thirds with whom will be communicated the data to assure these treatments.

Within the framework of commercial announcements, the Company can be brought to send e-mails of commercial nature ("newsletter") only to the Customers who would have explicitly made it the request (said " opt - in " policy). The Customers can subscribe or cancel a subscription of such broadcastings of mails by making on the Website section " My account / Edit the data ". Any commercial e-mail of the Company will contain a link allowing the Customer to cancel a subscription of this type of email or indicating him/her how to proceed so in the preferences of its account.

The Company advises the Customer to place the address coming from the e-mails of the Company in the list of the authorized contacts of his administrator of e-mails to facilitate the reception and avoid seeing, for example, a confirmation of command being classified as spam ("spam").


2.      Access rights

In application of provisions of the articles 38 and following ones of the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties, every user has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of the personal data which concern him/her. The Customer can exercise this right by making a signed written request sent in Customer services, accompanied with a copy of an ID card, by communicating the address to which the answer must be sent.

The Customer can also send a request by e-mail to the following address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by taking care of joining a copy digitized of an ID card as well as his/her signed request.

The Customer can update directly some of his personal data by going directly on the Website to the section " My account / Edit the data ".


ARTICLE 10 - Hypertext links and cookies

The Website can present to the visitors and Customers hypertext links towards other web sites. The Company has no possibility of verifying all the contents of the proposed sites and will assume no responsibility for any problem met by the visitor / customer by going on one of these sites.

The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small-sized files registered on the computer of the visitor and used to allow its identification. They register information relative to his/her browsing on the Website. They can be used by the company to make measures of attendance, origin of browsing or any other service set up by the Company on the Web ite.

The visitor / customer is free to refuse the installation of cookies by modifying the options of his /her Internet browser (refer to the user manual of the browser). However, cookies being necessary for the functioning of the online shop, the visitor / Customer is informed that the refusal of installation of cookies can cause the impossibility to join as Customer or to place order on the Web site, as well as diverse disfonctionnements on other web sites.

During its first visit on the site, a banner warns the visitor / customer of the use of cookies. He/she is free to accept or to refuse their installation by accepting the potential consequences described above.


ARTICLE 11 - Intellectual property

The Company is an owner of intellectual property rights or detains rights of user on all the accessible elements of the Website, as well as on all the products referenced on the Site: texts, images, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, software, as well as on elements broadcasted on Facebook pages and Pinterest accounts of the Company whose respective addresses are and

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of any of the elements of the Site or the products which are referenced there, elements broadcasted on the pages of networks Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in particular, whatever is the means or the used process, is forbidden, except prior written authorization of one or several owners of the rights.


ARTICLE 12 - Law, Disputes and responsibility

1.      General

The present General terms of sale are drafted in French language and subjected to the French law. By using the Website or in placing an order, the visitor accepts that any dispute either sent first and foremost to the Company, and without possibility of an agreement, or judged by the competent French courts.

If any arrangement of the present general terms of sale was considered not applicable by court order or legislative change, the rest of the capacities of the present one of the contract would be in force.


2.      Responsability

The responsibility of the Company cannot be committed in case of non-fulfillment or of bad execution of the contract owed, either in the attributable facts to the Customer, or to the insuperable and unpredictable facts of a third to the Contract, or to the case of absolute necessity.

Are considered in particular as case of absolute necessity unloading the Company of its bond to deliver: the acts of war, the fire, the strikes, the natural disasters.

The Customers are also informed that the responsibility of the Company could not be committed for all the inconveniences or the damage inherent to the use of the Internet network, in particular a break of the service, an outside intrusion or the presence of computer viruses or any fact qualified as force majeure.

The Company reminds that products sold on the Website are aimed at the private individuals only. In the case of their use in a professional frame, the Company will accept no responsibility for any caused consequential damage, any losses or other cool bound to the use or the impossibility to use the Web site or the product.


3.      Proof

In application of articles 1316 and following ones of the Civil code and, where necessary, the article L.110-3 of the Commercial law, the Customer and the Company declare that the information delivered by the Website of the Company is valid between the parties as long as no authenticated and signed contradictory paper, coming to question this information, will be produced. Elements such as the moment of the reception or the issue, as well as the quality of the received data will be valid by priority such as appearing on the information systems of the Company, or such as authenticated by the procedures computerized by the Company, except for bringing the documentary and opposite evidence by the Customer. The impact of the proof of the information delivered by the computer systems of the Company is the one which is granted to an original in the sense of a paper written document, signed in a handwritten way.


4.      Insurance

The Company declares to be insured for its professional civil liability with the company GAN ASSURANCES under the contract n°A15960 131561688.