Giant sticker - Giraffe - Animal wall decal

This wall decal is an animal wall sticker representing a big giraffe :

  • Ref : 153941
  • Dimensions: 175 x 57 cm
  • 1 sticker Inside.
39,95 €
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This wall decal is an animal wall sticker representing a giant giraffe. Mind you, this giraffe looks big to us but she is smaller than a new born baby giraffe in reality. Anyway If you always dreamt about having a pet giraffe well this is your time to have it ;-) ! This one is tall but still accessible, you can name it, it doesn't smell or eat or doesn't do anything apprt from creating a lovely wild ambiance in your room. Have fun ! Are you more a wild cat lover ? Well the same this is quite complicated to have at home unless you have this giant tiger sticker.

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