Giant sticker Orchid - XXL wall decal flower sticker

 This flower wall decal is a wall sticker representing a giant white orchid :

  • Ref : 153908
  • Dimensions : 56 x 164 cm
  • 1 giant sticker orchid inside.
39,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


This giant sticker is a Flower wall decal representing a white orchid with delicate flowers. This orchid sticker will bring delicacy, fantasy and softness in your room. Create a zen ambiance and complete this relaxed atmosphere with a giant wall decal "pile of pebbles". You will be amazed by the very high definition of the printing which creates a beautiful decoration on your walls.

Technical Advice

These giant stickers are very easy to put on. Peel off the vinyl and display them on the walls or any other flat surface. For more informations about how to use our wall stickers, read our instructions for use.

Decoration ideas

This sticker has been produced in one pieace. You can have a quick and easy glance at the result of your wall decoration just by haging this sticker in front of your wall. This sticker in one piece makes it easier to install on walls, therefore you can enjoy the result quickly.

For more Deco Ideas discover our online blog : Decore la vie !

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