Giant sticker - Beach hut - Marine wall decoration

This seaside sticker is a wall decal representing a white an blue beach hut :

Beach hut dimensions:
39,95 €
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This giant sticker is a seaside sticker representing a white and blue beach hut. This giant wall decal will bring a breeze of the sea in no time to say it. Beach hut are usually expensive and difficult to hire, here you can just enjoy your very own beach hut in your room. This beautiful trompe-l'oeil style sticker will bring a great marine decoration in the house. You can also choose to personalize your beach hut with writting your names, date you want to remember etc. This beach hut sticker is also available in grey and can be combined with lovely seashell stickers to create an amazing decoration.

Technical Advice

For more information on our stickers consult our instructions for use.

Decoration ideas

Find more deco ideas in our blog : Décore la vie !

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, 17.08.2016
Je voudrais 2 cabines de plage taille d une porte 2m x 0,73 m
Est ce que ca existe ?'

Bonjour Tanguy. Nous pouvons faire un agrandissement exponentiel. la cabine en 73cm de large fera alors 222cm de haut. Il faudra redécouper le bas de la cabine pour l'adapter à votre porte.
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