Giant sticker - Pebbles zen - wall decoration with stones

 This giant sticker is a nature wall decal representing a river stone tower :

  • Ref : 153900
  • Dimensions : 42.5 x 165 cm
39,95 €
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This giant sticker is a nature wall decal representing a tower of stones piled up in a magic way. This giant wall decal will bring a soft and relaxing touch to your decoration that will create a zen ambiance in your room. Enjoy those giant stickers that are very easy to display as there is no join to make (sticker in one piece). Bring serinity in your room and enjoy an easy and quick way to decorate.

Technical Advice

For more details on how to install the pebble tower check our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

This giant sticker is an XXL wall decal produced in one piece to facilitate the displaying of the sticker. You can also see the finish before you apply the sticker by just hanging it easyly in front of the wall. This is far more difficult to do with a sticker in several pièces.

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