Sign sticker - Beaches of Brittany - Wall decoration

This seaside sticker is a wall decal representing a colorful sign post with beaches of Brittany :

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This adhesive wall decal is a seaside sticker representing a colorful sign post. This sign post imitâtes the driftwood and indicates famous places of Brittany in France. Which one is your favorite ? Quiberon, Ouessant, La Baule, Carnac, Cancale, Roscoff ou peut-être Saint Malo? If you can't fin all the places you like why not trying to personalize this poster online ? this is quick and easy and you will therefore have a very special wall decoration at home. This adhesive sign post in trompel'oeil style could be displayed anywhere on walls, doors etc. Find the right place and enjoy a trip to Brittany !

Technical Adivce

For more information on our stickers consult our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

Complete the seaside theme with some seashells stickers and create a realistic marine style decoration on your walls.

Find more deco ideas in our blog : Décore la vie !

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