Wall mural stickers - Wine Cellar

This wall mural is an adhesive wallpaper in trompe l'oeil style. This giant wall mural represents corks covering a wall and 2 beautilful niches with a wine bottles and the cellar keys in trompe-l'oeil that will bring relief to the wall :

  • Ref : 145801
  • Dimensions : 240 x 240 cm
  • Delivery under 3 weeks
  • Ask us if you need to create a special project.
159,90 €
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This giant wall mural is a adhesive wall covering representing corks and two niches in trompe-l'oeil style. The niches are shelltering a wine bottle and the keys to the cellar. They will bring perspective to the wall.

Wine amateurs will be pleased by this amazing design and the quality of the details. We are offering you a giant format corks collection. This would look great on a kitchen wall or a cellar. You will feel like entering in the magic cave full of lovely wines. This giant wall mural will bring authenticity and the charm and beauty of wine. The sober shades of corks make it a great wall decoration that could fit any where. Discover the simple wall mural corks to complete the decoration.

Production and delivery notice : 3 weeks.

Technical Advices

You need to be 2 to display this wallpaper.

For more informations about how to use our wall stickers, read our instructions for use.

Deco Ideas

Create an amazing wall decoration around wine with the cork stickers and the corkscrew collection and sublime your wines with a great atmosphere.

To present your best wines why not discovering the blackboard stickers in winebottle shape.

Discover more deco ideas in our blog : Décore la vie!

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