Adhesive wallpaper strip - Lavender field

This wall mural is a nature sticker representing a lovely garden in Normandy :

  • Ref : 146024
  • Dimensions : 60 x 240 cm
  • Can be removed easily without damaging the walls.
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This giant sticker is a nature wall decals representing lavender fields in Provence. With this adhesive wall paper strip in your house you will travel to South of France in no time. This adhesive wallpaper strip can be displayed on a wall to creat an amazing decoration. This means you don't have to cover all ou walls to decorate, this unique adhesive strip is enough to create a lovely decoration. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful view on lavander fields and the Alps mountains in the background, all you have to do is sit back and relax... The only thing missing are the cicadas. So bring Provence and perspective to your room in a simple and easy way.

Technical Advice

This adhesive decoration panel is a unique wallpaper strip that will be displayed on wall like pre-pasted wallpaper strip. This will create a great decoration without covering the whole wall.

The adhesive wallpaper strip is too long ? Cut it easily with a sharp cutter to the right length.

Find out more about how to display the adhesive wall decoration panel by reading our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

For more Deco Ideas discover our online blog : Decore la vie ! 

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