Big stickers - Ginkgo biloba leaves

This set of stickers are nature sticker representing 3 leaves of Ginkgo tree :

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This set of wall decals are nature sticker representing Ginkgo tree leaves. This set is composed of One big leaf with a stem and two other small leaves. Thèses leaves are very special and unique and will create a very natural yet graphic decoration. Ginkgo trees are very common in Asia and are very strong plants. This plant also have lots of different benefits for the health. This is a great reason for decorating your walls with it and create a lovely zen decoration.

Technical advice

For more details on how to install these stickers check our instructions for use.

Decoration Ideas

Discover our range of zen sticker and combine them to create a greate zen decoration. For example the statue of Buddha would be a great match to this set of ginkgo leaves.

For more decoration ideas read our blog Décore la vie! 

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