Giant sticker - Banana leaf - Urban Jungle wall decoration

This giant sticker is a nature wall decal representing a giant banana leaf for a urbna jungle decoration :

  • Ref : 160885
  • Dimensions : 169 x 35 cm
  • 1 giant sticker inside
29,95 €
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This giant wall decal is a nature sticker representing a banana leaf. The bright green of this sticker is very relevant of the reality. Display this banana leaf on walls and create a great urban jungle wall decoration. This looks as real as the real banana leaf. This Urban Jungle style could be complete with the bedhead sticker "Tahiti" representing a lovely exotic flower arrangement.

Technical Advice

For more details on how to install the giant banana leaf check our instructions for use.

Decoration ideas

The urban jungle ambiance is created with combination of green leaves, exotic animals and natural materials such as wood and bamboo. Discover the monstera leaf sticker and the Flamingo wall decals to mix and match the giant banana leaf sticker and complete the whole decoration with bamboo chairs. There you have your urban jungle atmosphere.

For more decoration ideas on Urban Jungle read our blog Décore la vie! 

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