Electrostatic Xmas decoration - Red and golden baubles

Those party stickers are electrostatic christmas decorations representing christmas baubles in red and gold :

  • Réf. : 150401
  • Dimensions of the board :  21 x 29.7 cm
  • 16 red and golden electrostatic christmas baubles stickers in the pack.
8,45 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


Our window decorations are electrostatic stickers for windows that will decorate your house from the inside as weel as the outside. Enjoy a beautifull window decoration with red an golden christmas baubles to be displayed on glazed surfaces such as mirrors, glass or plastic. Those beautiful Christmas decorations are party stickers that will magnify your windows.

Technical advices

Our electrostatic stickers are window decorations to display on glazed clean and dry surfaces. They are very easy to install and take off. Our eletrsostatic Christmas decorations can be put inside or outside and and be view from both sides.

Please check our technical advices for more informations about our stickers.

Deco Ideas

You can decorate you windows, mirrors or car windows to share the magic of Christmas with people walking by !

You can as well personalize your PC of smartphone for christmas with this electrostatic christmas baubles stickers.

Find more deco ideas on our blog : Décore la vie !

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