Nautical wall stickers - Life Buoy wall sticker

These seaside stickers are wall decals representing a life buoy sticker on other Navy Nautical stickers

  • Ref : 152768
  • 1 board : 48 x 68 cm
  • 4 nautical wall stickers.
14,95 €
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This set of Nautical wall stickers are navy decorations representing a life buoy sticker and other accessories such as a "welcome on board" sign, vintage glass floaters and a starfish sticker. Create an amazing Nautical home decor with this brilliant set of navy wall stickers. This set is authentic and beautifully designed to transform any room in a beautiful Navy atmosphere. Take 10minutes to apply this set of stickers and offer a breath-taking make over to your room in a very small budget ! You can always complete this set with a giant lighthouse sticker to be applied on a door for example.

Technical Advice

For more information about how to apply our life buoy wall stickers, have a look at our instructions for use.

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For more nautical home decor ideas discover our blog Décore la vie !

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