Seaside Stickers - Surf icon - Marine wall decoration

These seaside stickers are wall decals representing 7 pictograms about surf :

  • Ref : 154546
  • Dimensions of the biggest: 9 x 9 cm
  • Dimensions of the smallest : 9 x 3 cm
  • 1 board A4 = 7 elements
6,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


These wall decals are seaside stickers representing 7 icons with surfing activities. This set of 7 pictograms "surf" is great to create a fun and young wall decoration with a marine style touch. Surf fans will love those stickers and will be able to decorate anything with those stickers surf. Apply them in the bathroom, the toilets or the bedroom and have fun decorating with surf. Playful, fun and colorful those marine style stickers will be a quick and easy way to decorate an office; an object, boxes or any othr-er smooth and clean surface. Also discover the door sticker 'Surf".

Technical Advice

For more information on our stickers consult our instructions for use.

Decoration Idea

Find more deco ideas in our blog : Décore la vie !

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