World sticker - PARIS - Big adhesive letters

These wall decals are travel stickers from FRANCE representing the word PARIS with famous places of Paris in the background :

  • Ref : 153715
  • Dimensions assembled product :  39 x 120 cm
  • 5 customized adhesive letters
29,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


This set of customized letters are decorative wall decoals forming the word PARIS. Each letter has a customized background with a lovely photo of Paris. Create a urban chic ambiance in your room with this lovely set of travel stickers. This sticker is twice decorative : first with the font and then with the letter "A" transformed in the Eiffel Towerand the lovely pictures chosen to fill up the letters. This sticker can be completed with the adhesive cover for doors "Paris".

Technical Advices

Read our instructions for use to find out more about how to apply our stickers.

Here is a special trick : To be sure that the letters will be align, use masking tape as a guide, place the letters then peel off the tape. There you have it !

Deco Ideas

This wall decals is the highest point of the French touch... If you want to keep only one memory of PARIS choose this sticker as it resumes PARIS in 5 letters and it's made in France.

Please meet our stickers from around the world and travel as far as you want.

Discover our blog to find more deco ideas : Décore la vie !

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, 16.01.2018
@PAUTARD bonjour Maryse, merci pour vos questions. Vous pouvez tout à fait coller ces stickers sur une parois de douche, lisse propre et sèche. Je vous conseille de la coller sur la paroi extérieur bien entendu. Les lettres ne sont pas argentées et nous ne pouvons pas vous imprimer ce stickers en version argentée ou avec des variations argentée. Bonne journée
, 24.12.2017
j'aimerais savoir si je peux avoir le sticker tour Eiffel à effet miroir
Sinon avoir le sticker de couleur argent. ??? Merci de me répondre très vite avant d'aller choisir ailleurs. Merci . MARYSE PAUTARD
, 15.12.2017
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