Adhesive fake window - lavenders field

This fake window sticker is a wall decal representing a faux window with a view on lavender fields :

  • Ref : 140401
  • Dimensions : 60 x 75 cm
  • 1 Fake window sticker "Lavender fields" Instant window.
  • Repositionnable, can be removed easily without damaging the walls.
29,95 €
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping


With this lovely adhesive fake window, you can find yourself in the middle of the Provence coutryside. Enjoy a beautiful view and relax just looking out through your faux window. This instant window wall decals is a great mean to give space and light to a room without breaking walls. This is far more easy to put on than an insert window. Decorate your walls and offer a stunning view on a warm colourful landscape. The stone frame will bring caracter to the room. Complete the wall decoration with and adhesive deco panel of Lavender fields.

technical advices

This Fake window sticker is easy to put on. Make sure you have a guide to put it straight, peel off the vinyl and stick is to the wall. Now you have a brand new window with a view. Easy, no mess... For more details on how to install out fake window stickers check our instructions for use for trompe-l'oeil style windows.

Deco Ideas

Discover more Nature stickers to create a countryside decoration or complete the faux window vinyl with an Olive tree wall decal to create an amazing view inside.

This faux instant window is perfect on a bear wall in a small room like an flat, office or even a bathroom. This fake window wall decals will bring volume, space and perspective to your room by making it look bigger and lighter.

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