French Quote Stickers - With love - Quote for mums

This adhesive quote for walls is a wall sticker with a great sentence in French for mums :

  • Ref : 152321
  • Dimensions board : 68 x 24 cm
  • 22 elements inside.
9,95 €
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This wall sticker is a Famous quote sticker in French meaning "Made with love by mum". This adhesive quote sticker is a sentence to reward mums for doing so much things with love ! Well done mums, this sticker is well deserved. This quote stickers would be perfect in any place of the house. How about choosing this sticker for a mother's day present.

Technical Advices

These stickers are very easy to put on. Peel off the vinyl and display them on the walls or any other flat surface. For more informations about how to use our wall stickers, read our instructions for use.

Trick to apply easily : Place a strip of masking tape to guide you through the display of the stickers. Your words will be align and right where you want them to be ! Then peel off the masking tape.

Deco Ideas

Complete your decoration with some flowers stickers and create a great flowery setting.

For more Deco Ideas discover our online blog : Decore la vie !

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