Quote stickers - Plan A - Humorous sticker

This adhesive quote for walls is a wall sticker with a coded message design saying that you have to keep going :

  • Ref : 152316
  • Translation : "If plan A failed, there are still 25 letters in the alphabet!"
  • Dimensions board : 68 x 24 cm
  • 17 stickers inside.
9,95 €
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These wall decals are quote stickers with a French sentence. This means that if Plan A failed, you always have 25 more letters in the alphabet, so plenty of other occasions to succeed ! This is very positive, isn't it ? This will show that you always have to persevere and a failure isn't the end of everything. This quote sticker speaks about letters, that's why the design has been chosen to imitate the decoupage and collage of letters to form words and sentence, just like a coded message. This design put the letters in light. You might also like Victor Hugo's quote sticker about happiness hidden in the unknown. These sticker complement each other very well.

Technical Advices

These stickers are very easy to put on. Peel off the vinyl and display them on the walls or any other flat surface. For more informations about how to use our wall stickers, read our instructions for use.

Deco Ideas

For more Deco Ideas discover our online blog : Decore la vie !

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